I Finally Gave In …

It seems every person and his dog has a web log a.k.a. Blog these days. I resisted putting up a web log here for a long time until I hit on the idea of using it as a technical information and commentary archive for my company. Yes, there are likely hundreds if not thousands of technical information sites on “the web”. My idea is to use my company’s little nook on the web to cover things I want to cover. Obscure games and software from the Open Source realm are my target. I will probably include some hardware here too eventually since my company does market, build and sell preloaded personal and business computers running various open source and closed source software.

In any case I hope you get something of worth to you from what will appear here. I am open to suggestions on what else we could cover so please feel free to leave comments with suggestions. Be aware that I set the comments to require registration. Please see the privacy policy page here if you have concerns about registering.



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Gene A.

Gene is a "Unix Guy", network technologist, system trouble-shooter and IT generalist with over 20 years experience in the SOHO and SMB markets. He is familiar with and conversant in eComStation (a.k.a. OS/2), DOS (PC, MS and Free), Unix, Linux and those GUI based systems from Microsoft. Gene is also a follower of Jesus (forgiven, not perfect), and this does inform his world view.