Upgrading WordPress Today (NOT!)

Dear Readers,

We are upgrading to the latest release of WordPress today. Hopefully nothing will explode but if it does we will get things working again as soon as possible. Usually there is no problem and we expect this upgrade to be similar.


Edit: If any of you visited in the three hours we were down I apologize for that. A change to the WordPress config file was not compatible with our site. The error in the config file has been fixed and we have reverted to the older WordPress while looking to see if there are any other “gotcha” problems that need to be addressed. Gene

Edit Sat Mar 21 15:26:42 CDT 2009: Okay, trying this again with much prayer and supplication … Gene

Edit Sat Mar 21 16:58:15 CDT 2009: Nope. Apparently WordPress 2.7.1 is just not going to work for us. There is still somthing keeping the upgrade from working. At least we had the site backed up before doing this. Oh well. Maybe someone at WordPress Support will have a clue. Maybe they won’t just tell us “it’s free software, you are out of luck.” like they have told others there. 🙁

Edit Sat Mar 21 17:07:31 CDT 2009: At least the upgrade to the updated theme works. That is one bright point to this totally lost Saturday. 🙂


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