Digg Removes Shout, What Now? Here is What.

Now that Digg.com has nerfed the shout feature I have been pondering how to deal with losing the ability to send and receive shouts from my mutual friends on Digg.com. I will not ever use Facebook and I am not fond of Twitter, so those are out for me. Here is what I have decided I can do to follow the people who I have befriended because I like what they post to Digg.com. You can do this too.

First, prune your friend list. I know some people added hundreds to their friend lists in hopes of getting a large group of mutual friends to which to shout. Since shout is gone, having hundreds in one’s friends list is now irrelevant. I have been very picky about adding friends and only have a few friends on Digg.com. All of these are a “mutual friend”, they added me first in most cases, except for one or two, then I added them after I saw what they post coincides with my interests. While I have “fans” I don’t just add people as a friend simply because they added me. I have to see that the person who added me to their friend list actually posts stuff I want to read.

Now that your friend list has been pruned down to those you really care to follow you can click on Friends’ Activity to see what your list of friends have done recently:

Then to follow what your smaller, more streamlined list of friends post click on the submissions link under the word Filter:

Now, even though they cannot shout to you you can follow what your friends post to Digg.com. Further, if you have mutual friends left after everyone else prunes their friends list they can do the same to follow what you post to Digg.com. To see what your friends have “Dugg” just click the diggs link in the same dialog:

One can do the same for following friends comments, and so on. One other item I just noticed while looking things over at Digg.com for this article tonight is the RSS feed on the Friends’ Activity lists (see the right end of this graphic):

The feed changes based on the filter. So just save the feed for submissions and paste it in your favorite RSS feed reader to get updates about what your friends post. Do the same for comments and so on. This way you do not have to just stay on Digg.com to follow what your friends are doing and can open Digg.com in your feed reader when you see some activity you want to follow.

These features have been part of Digg.com ever since I became a member but have probably been underutilized by most folk in favor of shouts. I know I have rarely used them. Now that shout is out we can all use these features to get back to sharing with our existing friends. I will still only add new friends as I find people with mutual interests. I also may end up migrating away from Digg.com since they nerfed shouts. But I am willing to try the Friends’ Activity tab and filtering first.

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  1. John, thanks for reading and commenting. As of now I am not interested in signing up for yet another online service that I have to monitor. If using the tools on Digg.com fails for me I may give “Digg Shout” a try. But it is more likely that I will just stop using Digg.com as a source for sharing news with like-minded people.

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