eCS 2.0 Silver then comes eCS 2.0 GA

This announcement hit the various eComStation (eCS) mailing lists yesterday afternoon:

Almost all issues which have delayed the 2.0 GA have been resolved. Most of the remaining work is resolving the issues with the installer and the integration of disparate components. The ACPI feature is now reaching a point that not should delay release, any longer. We do expect to continue to improve ACPI usability in the time after GA.

= eComStation 2.0 Silver Release =

This is anticipated to be the final Release Candidate. While the last bugs are being ironed out, an initial test release will be provided to the Test Team asap and made available to Software Subscription Services customers in approximately one week.

= eComStation 2.0 GA Release =

The Silver Release will be feature complete. Only documentation and “fit and finish” items will be worked. The goal is to have the English version of eComStation 2.0 GA ready in August, 2009.

= Twitter =

To give you more of an idea what’s going on (and in fact that there is actually something going on) we created a Twitter feed from several eComStation development feeds.

  • eComStation bugtracker (resolved issues)
  • eComStation CVS changelog
  • eComStation eWiki changes
  • eComStation ACPI project at Netlabs

You can follow the eComStation Dev Team at:

= Thanks for the patience =

Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV are certainly aware of the extreme delays this project has had and we appreciate your patience.

Bob St.John
Serenity Systems International

In my opinion, everyone that has been holding off for eCS 2.0 GA should at least give eCS 2.0 Silver a try to help iron out any bugs that might still exist. If one still has a valid Software Subscription Service then eCS 2.0 Silver can easily be downloaded and tested. If not, then don’t complain if there are uncaught bugs in the eCS 2.0 GA release.

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