ERACC Web Log User Accounts – Many Deleted

This is just a short article to let you know that I have deleted most of the user accounts here. The reason is, somehow WordPress settings were being reset at random. Since WordPress does not reset itself I suspected “cracking” via a user account since that has been known to happen with WordPress in the past. Since I cannot know which user account(s) may be compromised or be in use by a “cracker” I removed all of the ones that are not directly related to ERACC staff, clients or people I specifically invited to create an account. Unfortunately, if you made a comment with a registered account that comment is now assigned to the “deleted” user. I know, that sucks. I apologize for any angst this may cause some of you, but I could not avoid this.

We allow comments and access to the majority of this site without having an account. If you ever want to Contact e-Mail Form at ERA Computers & Consultingcomment and do not see a comment block then please let me know in an e-mail. You can use the contact form at our main site for that, as shown in the graphic next to this paragraph. Likely, if there is no comment block showing, it is due to one of those weird, random, “WordPress settings have changed again by themselves” events I keep seeing.

Again, I apologize for deleting some of your accounts as it is near 100% certainty the great majority of you are completely innocent. But until I get a clue as to what is happening with our WordPress settings, I need to eliminate as many factors as I can. One being (mostly) unneeded user accounts.

Gene Alexander

Added: For the record, this article was posted with comments disabled. I will try to remember to inform our readers when this is done.


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