Linux, FreeBSD and FreeDOS Laptops from ERACC

This press release is to announce that ERA Computers & Consulting (ERACC) is now offering a line of customizable* laptops available with Linux, FreeDOS and FreeBSD pre-installed by ERACC. Multi-boot installation by ERACC is available. Installation of a host OS and one or more virtual machines is another option. Download and view the PDF document below for more information.

These laptops can also be ordered with a bare hard drive for self-install.

Custom ERACC Laptops – Intel CPU and chipset

Request a quote for a laptop from ERACC at ERACC On-Line Shopping. Please note: we require a shipping address and a contact phone number before a quote will be sent.

* Custom systems are quoted first, then prepaid. Custom systems are only available with replacement in the event of hardware failure. No refunds are possible once the system ships from our distributor.

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