Mageia 1 Final – Summary Videos for Linux Newbies

I have been watching the Mageia development since it was first announced. As soon as I saw that Mageia 1 had gone from a release candidate to a final release I started the Transmission torrent download of three of the ISO files to keep and used one of them (mageia-dvd-1-i586.iso) to check it out with VirtualBox.

So, you are a Linux Newbie and want to know if Mageia is easy to install? Below is a 96.4 MB / 15 minute MPEG video to show installation of Mageia. Some of you may be relieved to know there is no sound, meaning no inane comments. I do not do a "guru" install. The only choices I make are those a new user might make. As one can see the GUI installer is very Newbie friendly. A time or three the mouse pointer in the VirtualBox window got out of sync with the mouse pointer on my desktop. That is the only "glitch" I noticed.

Video - Mageia 1 - Installing
Installing Mageia 1 – 15 Minutes

(Recommendation: download and view offline.)

Then after the install I booted Mageia 1 and logged into my account I created during the install. I open Firefox and LibreOffice to show the versions included You can see how that looks in the following 12.6 MB / 2.5 minute MPEG video. Again, without inane comments.

Video - Mageia 1 - Gnome Desktop
Mageia 1 with Gnome – 2.5 Minutes

(Recommendation: download and view offline.)

So, there you have it. Short and sweet. Perhaps these short videos can help you with your decision in your search for that Newbie Linux distribution that fits you.

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