Site Changes – Cache Installed to Speed Things Up

I am posting this as a public notice so those of you who are interested in such things can know.

I had noticed the site was getting “slower” as we got more visitors over the last couple of years. One problem with slow page loading is people are generally impatient and will go away if a site seems to be not loading, or loading too slow from their perspective. Since I do not want to drive people away, I decided to do something about it. After reviewing some of the cache options for WordPress I picked one to install this weekend.

I did notice that as an anonymous user there is an anomaly when using a cache:

  • I posted a test comment on a previous article as an anonymous user
  • Then went to my administrator login in another browser and approved the comment
  • Then switched back to the browser where the comment was posted
  • Tried to reload the page – never reloaded

When I approved the comment the cache file for that page was recreated with a different file name and the old one was removed. So, it seems reloading pages that are being updated as comments are added is not going to work. I am going to see if there is an option to resolve that. If not, well this is open source and I can ask the author(s) to fix it or add an option to reuse a cache file name. So, I may end up running a beta version of the cache plug-in while helping resolve this, if there is not already a solution.

If you notice any quirks yourself, please post a comment here on this article and let me know.

Thank you for following our site. I appreciate it.


Update Sun Sep  4 10:17:06 CDT 2011: Oh well, the cache is still installed, but is disabled at this point. It interferes with our statistics plug-in. We do like our statistics.


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