Press Release: New Linux Notebook PCs at ERACC

This is a notice that the new notebook PC systems are available onto which we will preload Linux (we recommend Mageia Linux), FreeBSD and FreeDOS. There are now two models that can be configured with choice of Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU, RAM amount, drive model and size. You may also choose a single OS install, multiboot OS install or single OS with preconfigured virtual machines installed using VirtualBox. We will even install a Microsoft OS as a special order, even though there are many other places to get a Microsoft based system.

These new notebooks include nVidia graphics chips for 3D capability with the proprietary nVidia graphics drivers on operating systems for which nVidia has provided 3D drivers.

We preload the OS and make sure all the hardware works, so you do not have to.

For more details see the page under the Laptop Quote menu item on our web shop.

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Gene A.

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