Poll: Number of GNU/Linux Desktops

Edit Fri Jun 12 17:30:51 CDT 2009: Be sure to share the URL to this poll with others in online forums, IRC channels, USENET and anywhere else you visit to get the widest audience possible. We would like to show that thousands of GNU/Linux desktops are “out there” to those who want or need to know. Game companies that base product development on “market share” would be one party interested in this.

Edit Sat Aug 27 14:17:02 CDT 2011: This poll no longer exists. We may run a new poll in the future.

Please go vote in the poll here: Number of GNU/Linux Desktops. Commenting on our shopping site that hosts the poll does require a registration. If you want to comment but not sign up for an account then come back to this page and use the comment feature here. Commenting on our web log does not require a registration.

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