Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for The ERACC Web Log only and does not apply to any other part of the domain.

Any personal information used for registration or to comment on The ERACC Web Log will remain confidential. The ERACC Web Log will never share your personal information with any other entity for any reason(1). The ERACC Web Log will take precautions against your personal information falling into the hands of crackers. However, there is never a guarantee that a cracker can be prevented from getting to any information stored on a web host. All we can promise is our best effort to protect your privacy.

The ERACC Web Log never sends out unsolicited commercial e-mail nor do we share e-mail addresses with anyone nor do we sell e-mail addresses to anyone..

(1) Caveat: We will more than likely comply with valid court orders from United States courts to release information in the event we receive such an order. We will first consult our lawyer before complying with such an order.